Welsh Corgi Pembroke - the favorite breed of the Queen of England.

You will not believe it, but it really is! At first sight you fall in love with this dog! Charming devoted eyes, muzzle in a stretched smile - and all this is our favorite Corgi!

On our site you will get acquainted with such an unusual and very popular breed of dogs like welsh corgi. Thanks to the information obtained from our articles, you can learn more about the nature of Corgi, where and how to purchase this wonderful dog, choose the right nickname for your pet, learn to distinguish by description pembrokes and cardigans. And how much you will get pleasure, just looking through the pictures with images of Welsh Corgi Pembroke! In general, everything about Welsh Corgi you will find on our website and will understand that not in vain were interested in this amazing dog. In the photographs, they are strikingly charming. Immediately we can conclude that the ease of character, ease, playfulness, friendliness and, at the same time, interest in what is happening around.

In pictures Welsh Corgi Pembrokes are always captured by cheerful, cheerful companions who at the same time have the necessary courage to protect their master. If you are thinking about purchasing this charming dog, then in our country there are nurseries in which they cultivate Corgi. The price in the nursery is usually high, but the authenticity of the breed will be documented.